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Customer Reviews

Adam: Angie,

I hope y'all are doing well this morning. As I'm sitting down surrounded by boxes this morning I just wanted to make sure I didn't get lost in the mess and that I made sure I expressed my gratitude. In this day and age, you do not encounter many companies like the one you and Chris are running. The local, honest business is often pushed to the side by larger, less personal companies who have the ability to cut a few dollars off the price and push out competition. I'm so glad I called you guys for my heating and air needs!

ALL of your guys have been incredible. Meeting Chris was a pleasure as he was extremely nice and extremely knowledgeable. I knew after meeting him at the estimate that we were in good hands, but I want to make sure I express how great everyone was. We purchased the home on Thursday. We did a "walk through" Wednesday night and all seemed well. I have a 4 year old little girl and a 1 year old little boy. My little girl was very anxious about moving. When we opened the door after purchasing...it was 80 degrees in the house... not exactly the entrance I'd hoped for my daughter. But, she was distracted and interested in other things and before she could even realize there was an issue, Shawn was there right on time the next morning and had things back in action. Nick was right behind him and the quality of his work was exceptional. I am obviously not in the HVAC business, but I sincerely appreciate someone who takes pride in their work, no matter what that work is. It is obvious that all of your guys care about what they do. Their work clearly reflects it.

You guys have earned my business for as long as I own this home, which I plan to be for a very long time, Lord willing.

Judy D. Broad: “Very Professional! Appear extremely knowledgeable…patiently explained things with me. Followed up. Sent paperwork promptly. I will call them again and recommend them to others.”

Pamela Jernigan: “I have not used the system but one time because it’s Spring (no need) I will know better on the overall performance of the unit later on. The installers were great and very informative”

Fred & Sue Mitchell: “Very pleased with work and time it was done. Good People.”

Deborah McLeod: “AWESOME!”

Jewel Wade: “I am not certain of the Trane Value yet, but I will recommend Knepper 100%”

Alec Carlson: “I have replaced HVAC systems in 2 previous homes I have owned with Trane equipment. I both cases I've been very happy with the operation and reliability. So, when I decided to replace the system in my current home I looked at Trane's options. I had 2 other contractors come out and give me a quote on replacing my old system. Neither of them impressed me - they did not provide specific replacement model's for my old system and just offered a blanket price for the job. I saw an ad in my local newspaper for Knepper Heating and gave them a call. They spent at least an hour inspecting my house, ductwork, old HVAC system and then spent more time going over my options. I was impressed with their professionalism and their willingness to work with me on the price. They did a great job on the install and I'm very happy with the results.

Donna & Grover Bagley: “The “crew” were very polite and efficient. I highly recommend Knepper to others.”

Richard Shirley: “Knepper Heating and Air is a company that you can trust and rely on. I am very pleased. Thank you.”

Chris Thomlinson: “very impressed from beginning to end.”

Joan Burrows: “I am very satisfied with the service and Trane equipment from Knepper Heating and Air/Dahlonega, GA”

Clyde & Ann Gaddis: “Very informative and helpful. The service workers were very neat and very thorough with everything. Could not have been any better”

Tim & Judy Powell: “Chris Knepper had done some work for me before when I remodeled my basement (moving ducts, adding ducts, etc) and the work was top notch. Had some lower estimates on other less expensive systems, but decided to go with Knepper and Trane because wanted to go with local contractor that was proven and to get a quality product and quality contractor, and have someone I could rely on in the future for maintenance / other problems. Knepper very professional and top quality. the only way to go for me.”

Bill Johnston: “My main business is commercial real estate. So over the years I’ve dealt with a lot of HVAC contractors. The Knepper people are the best technicians I’ve met in the business. They approach it as a science.”