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Why are our service calls so quick?

At Knepper Heating and Air, we're asked by our customers "how do we get the repairs done so quickly on their HVAC systems" Well, there are many things we do like, "you can call or text us directly to get service". How often can you text directly to a business office? Some might say we move very very quickly and understand that our customers are the reason we are in business? Or you can say that we are great communicators so we don't waste time with wasted time in process? But most would say that our owner, Chris Knepper, is also one of our most productive technicians and installers, and whatever else he needs to be, to make our customers feel most important! But, we also stock the parts you need and our service vans are efficient and super quick!! That's why our response time on service calls and getting your system back up and running is one of the reasons the Dahlonega area supports Knepper Heating and Air Conditioning. Call or text us at 706-867-0535 or anytime.


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