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Heater Maintenance Tips to Get Ready for the Cold Season

The way we highly recommend to keep your house warm and comfortable during the cold season is by making sure your furnace is in great working condition. A furnace that is running efficiently not only increases your comfort but also minimizes your costs with your local utility companies. Also a properly maintained furnace is less likely to require frequent repairs or servicing. Heating Repair Service In Or Around Dahlonega and Dawson City, Georgia Most people fail to upkeep proper maintenance until they require their heating equipment to be fixed. All you have to do is complete a few easy steps to ensure your furnace is properly maintained.

1) Change The Furnace Filter One of the simplest yet essential ways to maintain the furnace is by changing the filter at the beginning of the cold season. You can do that by following your furnace operating manual to get the right filter type and size, then determining the location of the filter, and changing it.

If your furnace is constantly shutting on and off, even after changing it, you should have an HVAC expert come and inspect it to ensure all components are okay and working up to the manufacturer’s standards.

2) Change your Thermostat Batteries Ensure you change the thermostat batteries at the start of every heating season. New batteries in your thermostat will help make sure you don’t wake up freezing is some cold morning because your thermostat is not working and it doesn’t trigger the furnace to start working.

Also, it is good idea to have a supply of extra batteries. You never wanna have the surprise of being woken in the middle of the night freezing, the thermostat is dead, and you have to wait for the store to open since you forgot to have some extra batteries at home.

3) Clear Your Furnace Flue And Surrounding Clutter Your home furnace needs plenty of room to "breathe" with good ventilation. The furnace should be clear of debris and clutter up to 24 inches or even more according to the manufacturer’s specifications and most city standards. This usually allows enough air for usage for combustion of the heating and also smooth and safe operation. It also gives room for your HVAC specialist to inspect as well as service your system.

Regular Maintenance And Safety Checks The furnace in your home is a mechanical system. Therefore, just like every mechanical system, with plenty of motors that work together, gas, and electrical components, it is very important to inspect it once a year, minimum, to make sure everything is in good working order.

If its been over 6 to 12 months since your last maintenance, make sure and ask for a comprehensive safety and mechanical inspection from your HVAC service provider. It is critical to sign up for an annual maintenance program since this will save you money and also ensure your maintenance is performed regularly.

Call or Set an appointment with a Professional HVAC Specialist

The best way to have your furnace running efficiently is to have it checked before you need it. At Knepper Heating and Air Conditioning we always complete quality repairs and service for our regular customers and our new customers. Our HVAC Technicians are trained and certified in most makes and models of HVAC repair including the Daikin Systems. If you need heating repair or service in the Dahlonega or Dawson City, Georgia area, call Knepper Heating and Air Conditioning right away to ask questions or schedule your appointment.

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Profix Dubai
Jun 07

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Johnny Robinson
Johnny Robinson
May 23

The heater maintenance service provided by the HVAC Contractor Riviera Beach company was outstanding. The technician arrived on time, was very professional, and did a thorough job. Our heater is now running more efficiently than ever.

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