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1. Clean Your Heater

Any good heating and air season is going to start off with a little cleaning. When we’re referring to cleaning in light of your home’s heater or air system, we’re not talking about picking up those dust bunnies hiding in the corner, we’re talking about cleaning up your actual unit. It’s easy for your outdoor heating unit to accumulate debris during fall. You want to make sure that all of this is gone before the winter season so that your heater can perform to the best of its ability. Knepper Heating and Air cleans and maintains HVAC systems in Dawsonville, GA and Dahlonge, GA, and has the right maintenance and service plan for you that will save you money and insure that your systems last as long as it should.

2. Invest in Maintenance

Maintenance is important to great heating care as well. Maintenance is something that we suggest that you schedule an appointment for every single fall season. If this isn’t something you’re doing already, then picking up the habit now will make a huge difference when it comes to the performance of your heater. It will save you money on a monthly basis!

3. Get Your Vents Clear

Whens the last time you had your vents cleaned? It’s easier than you might think to block a vent in your home. Sometimes we move furniture, place a picture or poster in an inopportune spot, or make other mistakes that can cost us heating power. This is something that we want you to avoid as professionals. Before we get to the cooler spring temperatures, we suggest that you take a walk around your home and clear your vents. It’ll benefit you this winter season. This is also available in our annual maintenance plans that are very affordable and takes the worry off of your shoulders.

4. Have The Best Thermostat Available

Knepper Heating and Air in Dahlonega, GA and Dawsonville, GA wants you to have the best thermostat available to you. These days, the best thermostat that you can get your hands on is going to be a smart or Wi-Fi model. We suggest that you get yourself one of these units. We know that there are so many to choose from so if you find the process difficult, we want to help you find the unit you need.

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03 juil.

As HVAC Contractors, we advise regular maintenance to care for your heating and air system. Change filters regularly, schedule professional inspections annually, and ensure vents and registers are unobstructed. These steps optimize system performance, extend its lifespan, and improve indoor air quality, ensuring comfort and efficiency year-round.


28 août 2023

If the cleaning has not been done efficiently then your heating system will not work well. The debris accumulated in the filters prevent the air flow and cause issues in the unit. Therefore, it's essential to clean heating unit and if you can't do on your own then hire an HVAC contractor for that job.

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