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So When Should You Consider Planning for an Upgrade or a New HVAC System ?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Old Age - It’s time for you to think about replacement if your heater is 15 years or older. Heaters typically last 18 years on average. Trying to push it past its limit will only make your life harder. Local residents in Dawsonville and Dahlonega, Georgia can call Knepper Heating and Air Conditioning for a free professional analysis of how your aging HVAC system is operating.

Constant Repairs - You shouldn’t have to repair your heater more than once every few years. If each winter brings a heating problem, then you need a new unit. Our customers and those considering a HVAC repair in Dawsonville and Dahlonega, Georgia utilize there maintenance agreements but soon the cost versus repair leans them towards an upgraded HVAC system from Knepper Heating and Air. The new residential Daikin HVAC systems comes with a 12 year parts and labor warranty.

High Energy Bills - Everyone's energy bill has increased, but if you notice that your usage has increased dramatically without any changes, then you may have a performance issue.

Unreliable Operation - Can you rely on your heater? If the answer is "no" or even a hesitant "yes" you should consider replacing your heater.

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